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The Pivot Point

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I found inspiration in relaxation.

They say it takes some sort of major moment (could have something to do with the 27th year of Saturn's return, if you believe in astrology) to inspire action and change. Without realizing it, I had one of these moments. And it happened to me right around my 27th birthday.

Geoff – my other half – and I decided to take a European vacation to the Cycladic Islands. Put work into the second priority category (a concept I've never really known) and just go live...for two weeks at least. 

The whole situation was kind of ironic. Greeks are going through an economic crisis. And while the Greeks are known for their strength through adversity, their financial reality is bleak and everyone knows it. Even so, the locals have this inexplicable zest for life and we were intoxicated with their attitudes. This is how life can be if you work hard, love what you do and enjoy every moment. There was something to be said about simply feeling lucky to be alive. What a concept.

"You Americans move too fast," one middle-aged Naxian woman said to us as we made small talk over a glass of ouzo. I stuttered, "yes we do have a tendency to overwork ourselves. But I have to say, here, you have a beautiful flair for life." She smiled. She had such a radiance to her. 

We encountered many other instances of this as we made our way through the islands and finally to Athens.  One could say it was a classic case of learning the differences between the European vs. American lifestyle – but why it hit me harder this trip versus others I've been on, I guess I'll attribute to age. No matter what the reason, when we came home to Philly, it was clear I should do something about it.

So why start a blog six months later? I didn’t plan to start writing in the New Year upon this stereotypical "clean slate," but I’m glad I did. After my revelation to find a better balance – life got in the way – shocker. So I spent the latter half of 2013 brainstorming, stressing (and learning how not to – more to come on that), and planning on just how I’d channel this discovery.

So here we are. This isn't Europe and our way of life is very different, but my inspiration is to find moments of joy in every day and everything. Here’s to savoring life right here in Philadelphia.