Her Savory Life

Refining the art of life, love and happiness

The Epiphany 

The first time I realized I wanted to refine the art of living was during a trip to Europe in the summer of 2013. I met a woman on the Greek island of Naxos who, without knowing it, prompted me to question my definition of happiness. She didn't measure her success by status or job title, but by the quality of life's moments. This perspective challenged everything I had valued about societal status, job title and money. So I spent the next year thinking about this one life and what we make of it. I decided then that it would be my mission to live happily,  learn how to manage stress, and find fulfillment in the every day, rather than search for milestones to attain the next level of happiness. 

First, I had to take steps to savor the moments in my own life. Then, Her Savory Life was founded to inspire others.

The HSL Manifesto

The human experience is fascinating. There is no perfect existence free of adversity or struggle. Life throws all kinds of challenges our way, which can paralyze, hurt and inhibit us from living well. But we always have a choice. Through proactive and intentional strategies, we can train and change our minds to better deal with those low points and induce new positive ones - we can better manage our thoughts, emotions and behaviors - and help us navigate more effectively through life. 

Using my training in Applied Positive Psychology, I am teaching people and organizations to create their own formula for wellbeing, take control of happiness and and find an answer to philosophies' oldest question - what is the good life?

Thus, Her Savory Life is about the power of being human and authentic - and becoming empowered by choosing and using your own happiness formulas.