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A Day to Love Yourself

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beautiful bouquet of roses to fill noses and hearts with love

beautiful bouquet of roses to fill noses and hearts with love

Valentine's Day is for lovers of love. For those of you who don't buy into the concept of the holiday, or think its overly commercialized, you can simply celebrate the love you have for yourself and indulge in something special. And with February 14 now behind us, there is no reason why it should be the only day we celebrate. Any day can be V-Day if you immerse yourself in all things love.

My favorite vehicles to instantaneously get in the loving mood -- any of the 365 days of the year:


- Love: Quotes and Passages from the Heart, edited by B.C. Aronson -- a versatile compilation of sentiments from authors, poets and philosophers.

- My Dearest Friend: Letters of Abigail and John Adams, forward by Joseph Ellis -- the original and ultimate definition of love and partnership.


There's something romantic about a little package of sweetness in a pinkish hue. While I cheated and made a strawberry cupcakes from the box this year,  if you get a chance to stop by any of my favorite cupcakeries, you won't regret indulging in a sugary pop of taste and color, no matter what the occasion. 

Tartes (red velvet) -- Philadelphia, PA

Magnolia Bakery (red velvet) -- New York, NY

Georgetown Cupcake (strawberry) -- Washington, DC

J'Rae's (strawberry) -- Ft. Worth, TX


- Sense and Sensibility -- one of my all time favorite classics, and while it is a roller coaster of emotion, the ending will make any non-believer an advocate of love.

- While You Were Sleeping -- somehow the combo of amnesia and strong human bonds show us the power of love and family.

- It Could Happen to You -- a true story that reminds us that there are good people out there.

So I'm sitting here watching 'While You Were Sleeping' post-Valentine's and wiping the leftover chocolate smear off my fingers, my heart is full and all is well.

the sweetest combo on my love day

the sweetest combo on my love day