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An HSL End-of-Year Emotional Wellness Tip on Femme & Fortune

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My feature on Femme & Fortune - check it out!

My feature on Femme & Fortune - check it out!

What goes hand in hand with goal planning? A healthy dose of positivity! Following Wednesday’s post on goal setting, I’ve extended that conversation as I discuss reframing the failures or mistakes we experienced in 2014. This week I’m talking about this topic on Philly’s online magazine for ambitious women, Femme & Fortune.

I decided to write this post for Femme & Fortune a week before the holidays because I know a lot of us are hard on ourselves, especially during this time of year while we reflect. You might feel frustrated with a mistake you made or risk that didn’t pay off. But despite how society makes you feel about those little trips and falls, you have to remember that its up to you to turn it around. Because you are actually the one in control. Use the start of the new year to build upon those lessons and turn them into successes.